Why Should You Use QDV Advanced Estimating Software

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what size your company has, a well-managed cost management process assists you to control the budget of your business. Not only does cost management help you predict imminent expenditures but also reduce the chance of going over budget.

Over the last few years, the cost management process has changed considerably. The API-driven estimating software has replaced the old methods of cost management.

If you’re still using whiteboards or spreadsheets, it is time to move to advanced estimating tools that are better than the old ones and much more capable of doing financial analysis, cost auditing, and ultimately help in cost-saving.

One such tool is QDV by Quick Devis. It is one of the most powerful yet user-friendly tools that has been successfully used in different industries, ranging from automotive to aerospace to defense to electricity to engineering.

Launched in the year 1991, several global leaders, including Renault Automotive, Thales Group, General Electric, and many more rely on this amazing cost management software for precise project estimations. On the contrary, for small and medium-sized organizations, it has proven to be an ideal way to enhance project estimations. There is no dearth of small companies that have configured QDV as their cost management software.

The good thing about this software is, its user interface is similar to Microsoft Word and Excel, so you can easily learn its functionalities. Even newbies can quickly work with it after the practice of a few hours. Another thing that makes this estimating software unique is that it can export to Word and PDF formats, without making any changes to the original layout.

Now let’s talk about some of the advantages this cost management software has to offer your business:

Easy Way to Organize All Your Documents

QDV helps you accumulate all the data related to your business’ expenses into a single database. Not only does it ensure the reliability of the information but also make it easier for your managers and other staff access it any time. Since all documents are interactively linked, it makes strategic planning more practical.

Error & Expense Reduction

Once you have inserted all your data into a system, there is virtually no risk of damaging essential files. Moreover, as this cost estimating software automates the entire cost management process, it saves time and reduces the labor cost to a large extent.

Dynamic Costing & Pricing

With QDV, you can expect to achieve accurate management of expenses and incredible flexibility to compute selling prices.

Since this software has Excel Workbook integrated, there is no limit to calculate your margins; include tax rules; and breakdown your costs. Moreover, with this advanced tool, you can calculate cost escalation in the long term.

Since QDV supports application programming interface, you have the liberty to customize this cost management software as per your need. It is entirely up to you whether you want to make it a pricing software, a CPQ software, or a project cost estimating software.

Additionally, you may use it as a safeguard for your data and link to the CRM to avoid dual inputs.

So, if you’re looking for a cost management software to manage your business’ expenses and increase productivity, give this fantastic estimating software a try.