QDV understands that as an organization which supplies products and services to the aerospace and defense industry you will face various challenges every day. QDV offers you the solution to meet these challenges head on. It is one of the best aerospace and defense software available.

QDV offers a rapid solution to requests for tender or study projects as well as integrating the ERP capabilities with project management, customer relationship management and supply chain management. It is best software for

As a complete project cost estimation software, QDV can be configured as a pricing tool as well.

The basis is a technical or a financial Bill-of-Quantities (BOQ). The import and export of BOQs is made easier by QDV’s compatibility with Excel and other Microsoft programs.

Project Cost Estimation Software

QDV offer include:

  • Recovery of voucher tenders

  • Construction of the costs

  • A task for the overhead

  • Sales price calculation

  • Comparing scenarios concerning quantities

  • Generating of all types of presentations

  • Managing progress statements and anticipate the shifts

  • Flexible rounding management

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Key Features

QDV’s Application Programming Interface (API) lets you customize QDV to match your exact needs; whether you want to make it a pricing software.


Easy parameterization and use of templates to match your specific needs.

WBS and other structures

Simultaneously structured according to a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) or under other guidelines.

Costs / Selling Price

Accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.


Easily share work packages, with or without transparency (inside your organization or with sub-contractors).

Overhead Workbook

Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with tables of workforce rates, kinds of materials, currency exchange rates, factors, sheets of sales, and more.


Estimates can feed into a Gantt chart leading to a dynamic cash-flow.

Reporting, Business Intelligence

Comes with a cutting-edge Business Intelligence tool which lets you build almost any sort of BI report.


Handling of inflation and escalation with the spreading of costs / rates / factors according to a defined timetable or schedule.