Electricity HVAC

QDV was originally created to meet the needs of a world-scale electrical group so the features are adapted to technical trades that use many different components.
QDV manages large amounts of data which are easily coupled with applications of a purchasing department. QDV also offers a structured data model that allows for account configuration tools to gain time during the costing phase.
QDV is a reliable electrical estimating software that is compatible with many database publishers and manufacturers which allows you to convert their databases into QDV. QDV is also compatible with Microsoft software and runs on Microsoft technologies.
There is a feature that allows you to take into account complex overhead cost structures and can produce sales sheets with the expected behavior making QDV the most flexible bidding software on the market.

Other key features that QDV offer include:

  • Online databases

  • Recovery of voucher tenders

  • Construction of the costs

  • Sales price calculation

  • Generating of all types of presentations

  • A hierarchical data model

  • A database to supervise the estimates

  • Automated technical papers