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CPQ Software – Configure Price Quote Software (CPQ) offers everything a sales team needs to quickly build an accurate proposal for each customer. If you’re looking for software that integrates the technical configuration and pricing of your products, and delivers an excellent and swift response, QDV is the solution.

Price Lists

The application of commercial terms to a customer for a period of time, delivery times and all product requirements is a permanent puzzle for the sales force.

Complex concepts like price-setting are directly affected by time constraints, delivery options, product specifications and other factors. Our software links the ERP and CRM software through the API to allow an easy solution. Users simply drag-and-drop varying factors to produce an estimate that details any discounts, currency, prices and other important information. Estimates may be updated at any time with a simple click to allow additional factors to be considered.


The QDV data model enables the compilation of all technical aspects of your products as known by your engineers into a spreadsheet. This makes configuration flexible and easy. In order to raise efficiency, the resulting workbooks are embedded in a database.

The field manager is a parameterized tool that gives users the ability to create a working environment that is simple and intuitive while securing and maintaining all formulas.

The QDV Application Programming Interface (API) gives even more flexibility to coders, who can create internal programs—macros—or external programs—connections to other applications.

Generating Proposals

Once an estimate is ready, it simply needs confirmation from a manager or senior employee, depending on the company policies. QDV produces a professional Word or PDF document that includes product graphics and/or technical specifications. Each proposal may also be customized to include a digital signature, if necessary.

This powerful report generator lets users create professional documents in seconds.

Our Solution

QDV meets and exceeds the needs of the CPQ by offering a powerful and flexible configuration, strong management tools and the speedy generation of accurate and precise proposals. It increases efficiency in company selling processes which enables users to surpass competitors.

Equip your sales team with the CPQ tool of their dreams, now.

Key Features

QDV’s Application Programming Interface (API) lets you customize QDV to match your exact needs; whether you want to make it a pricing software.


Easy parameterization and use of templates to match your specific needs.

WBS and other structures

Simultaneously structured according to a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) or under other guidelines.

Costs / Selling Price

Accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.


Easily share work packages, with or without transparency (inside your organization or with sub-contractors).

Overhead Workbook

Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with tables of workforce rates, kinds of materials, currency exchange rates, factors, sheets of sales, and more.


Estimates can feed into a Gantt chart leading to a dynamic cash-flow.

Reporting, Business Intelligence

Comes with a cutting-edge Business Intelligence tool which lets you build almost any sort of BI report.


Handling of inflation and escalation with the spreading of costs / rates / factors according to a defined timetable or schedule.