Dynamic costing and pricing

QDV provides accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.

You can configure any column layout that contains any logic. Similarly, because the factors are calculated using an integrated Excel workbook, there is no flexibility limit to calculate your margins, breakdown your costs, include tax rules, etc.

Costs / Selling Price

  • Accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.


Work packages can be assigned to users or teams with virtually no limit in the number of depth levels. The data is merged back at any time. Thanks to the workflow, consistency is preserved and each splitting or merging operation is tracked.

When allowed, children can breakdown a work package into more work packages that will enrich the WBS or the parent during the merge.

The level of transparency can be adjusted in this process, allowing sharing with sub-contractors without disclosing confidential data such as margins, rates, etc. Choose this trusted and innovative cost modeling software.


  • Easily share work packages, with or without transparency (inside your organization or with sub-contractors).


Inflation and/or escalation factors can be provided in a timetable. They can also be imported from a foreign system or dynamically calculated inside the estimate using your own rules.

When you move tasks in the Gantt diagram or change the start date of your project, costs are immediately calculated to take inflation and/or escalation into account.


  • Handling of inflation and escalation with the spreading of costs / rates / factors according to a defined timetable or schedule.


  • QDV allows comparison of versions in detail.


QDV allows comparison of versions in detail.

Because all versions of the same estimate can be stored in the same file, QDV makes it possible to quickly and efficiently compare the versions by highlighting the evolutions. Whether at the level of the WBS, detail lines or consolidation, the differences appear clearly in a few clicks.

Its Business Intelligence tool even allows to compare different estimates on all of their axes.

API and code editor

QDV operates a multi-purpose API (Application Programming Interface) and has a unique code editor which allows you to create forms, messages and code to read and write to any estimate or a database. It is open to major standards and can be interfaced into nearly any software or database engine. Similar to Office VBA but more flexible and faster since it relies on compiled languages C# and/or VB .NET. Any extension developed using the QDV code editor will be as efficient as if developed by the publisher. It truly becomes a part of the compiled program.

The API lets you enrich the tool with your own specific functions, change behavior of built-in functions or even embed QDV in your information system.


  • Rich API (Application Programming Interface) lets you enrich the tool with your own specific functions or change behavior of built-in functions.

Flexible Databases

QDV comes with two editors, one for databases of articles and one for database of sets providing a clear difference between data and logic. Data being stored into article databases while logic is stored in sets databases.

The openness of the set databases lets you build configurators with virtually no limits in terms of complexity. Usually, you will need only basic Excel knowledge to build such configurators and if necessary you can also include macros.


  • Databases of articles and database of sets let you model data in an efficient and easy-to-maintain way.