Designers & Engineers


QDV is used in a wide variety of professions. It has been used by designers and engineers as a solution to increase the quality and productivity of their team. QDV help you achieve similar goals whatever your profession may be.

QDV has open technology which allows you to integrate QDV with Microsoft Excel. By using the customization columns or by arranging the native columns you can recreate your usual environment and be operational in no time.


Engineering is a complex job and as such requires tools that can not only make sense of the complexities but allows you the flexibility to change according to the changes of a project. QDV offers the state of the art estimation software as well as project management tools to make the work of an engineer a little bit easier. It is a reliable and flexible construction estimating software that can be used for big projects.

The compatibility of QDV with Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word means that you will not need months of training to be able to use QDV. In fact if you are already able to create a formula in Excel, chances are you already know the basics of QDV.

Other key features that QDV offer include:

  • Update estimates in an easy way

  • Avoid errors of calculation

  • On line tariffs

  • Groups of items

  • Dynamic lists

  • Integrated programming language

  • Report Generator

  • Database Conversion

  • Easy mails, invoices, orders…

  • Estimate Management

  • Security management through user profiles

  • Spreadsheet conversion

  • User-friendliness

Other key features that QDV offer include:

  • Construction of the costs

  • Sales price calculation

  • Generating presentations of all kinds

  • A hierarchical data model

  • Databases made from estimates

  • A database to supervise the estimates

  • Automated technical papers