The best estimating software for solution providers

Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, QDV is the best component for solution providers who need to add estimating features and associated reporting.

Whether this incorporates Enterprise Resources Planner (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, or any other application requiring powerful estimating features, QDV saves you save time and money when compared to non-out-of-the-box products or non-dedicated API available on the market. It guarantees a robust, flexible and fast tool that is perfectly in-line with your needs. Contact us to know more about one of the best estimating software – QDV.

A very rich API

Thanks to its Application Programming Interface (API), QDV can be completely embedded in any application, with or without a user interface. The API exposes almost all features accessible through the native UI.
QDV can also become “master” in the dialog exchanges and call “macros.” Contrary to Excel, these functions are as fast as native functions.
The API also exposes an events manager which lets you trigger any function on events generated by the UI.
These features allow you to customize the interface to match your specific needs. According to their profiles, some users will see a cost management software some others a pricing software, etc.

Bridging other tools

Creating bridges with CRMs, ERPs or any system is really easy, thanks to the way QDV exposes communication data. QDV is able to push data to foreign systems but those systems can also directly invoke QDV to read or write data to estimates or databases.

Whether you intend to use the QDV brick as a Cost Management Software a Pricing Software or a CPQ software you’ll be able to integrate it easily to your systems.

A healthy design based on perennial technologies

QDV is built around an internal API written in .NET which is currently the most common technology for this type of application. This core represents 80% of the product code and is designed to last regardless of the technologies that will emerge. The user layer (UI) follows the evolution of technology to adapt to new interfaces, is totally separate, and represents only 20% of the code. It exists in .NET Windows Forms and HTML5 / JavaScript for the latest browsers (ECMAScript6). But, thanks to API classes, you also can create your own.

Key Features

QDV’s Application Programming Interface (API) lets you customize QDV to match your exact needs; whether you want to make it a pricing software.


Easy parameterization and use of templates to match your specific needs.

WBS and other structures

Simultaneously structured according to a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) or under other guidelines.

Costs / Selling Price

Accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.


Easily share work packages, with or without transparency (inside your organization or with sub-contractors).

Overhead Workbook

Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with tables of workforce rates, kinds of materials, currency exchange rates, factors, sheets of sales, and more.


Estimates can feed into a Gantt chart leading to a dynamic cash-flow.

Reporting, Business Intelligence

Comes with a cutting-edge Business Intelligence tool which lets you build almost any sort of BI report.


Handling of inflation and escalation with the spreading of costs / rates / factors according to a defined timetable or schedule.