QDV – Advanced Estimating Tools

QDV is the world’s most powerful and flexible advanced estimating tool and exceeds the demands of government agencies, commercial contractors and small businesses.

Founded 1991, global leaders including Airbus Industries, Thales Group, General Electric, Fives or Renault Automotive rely on QDV to create accurate project estimations. Additionally, small and medium sized organizations use QDV software to provide them with consistent business development opportunities. Thanks to its flexibility, many companies have configured QDV as their cost management software and plugged it to their information system.

Using a similar user-interface to MS Word and MS Excel, QDV requires very little training to use. Project modifications, even those requiring a high level of detail resulting in change orders, are easily processed through the software.

QDV allows for growth in your business and the resources necessary to rapidly estimate new projects, resulting in new business.

QDV exports to Word and PDF formats while keeping the original layout of the work intact (inserted images, attached documents, automatism, table of contents, structure, inheritance of styles, etc.)

Thanks to its overhead workbook, which contains complete sales and analysis information, the software will highlight wining opportunities for your business.

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API-Driven Estimating Software

QDV’s Application Programming Interface (API) lets you customize QDV to match your exact needs; whether you want to make it a pricing software, a project cost estimating software or even a CPQ software you can easily program it to create the tendering tools of your dreams. It can be utilized as the safeguard for your information system and be directly linked to the ERP and/or the CRM, avoiding double inputs.

QDV can operate in a centralized way, such as on a server, or in a stand-alone way, such as installed on users’ computers. Clients may choose to enable data synchronization with the information system as well as automated updates on each stand-alone computer, depending on their needs.

Our centralized estimate-management database, ProMo+, can be easily added to pricing software packages to allow a real-time view of all estimates being processed in your organization.

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