Today, we’re delighted to present the ULTIMATE version of QDV7. The features of this version make it not only the final version, but the ultimate version of this platform dedicated to pricing and costing for Public Works, Civil Engineers, construction (initial or mass construction) etc. This version is also used by leaders in the aeronautics, defense and spatial industries.


Amongst our prestigious clients in the Public Works and Civil Engineering sectors, it is with great pleasure that we can count amongst our portfolio not only large businesses such as NGE and DEMATHIEU BARD, but also SMEs in the construction sector, such as DE LORENZO, and ENGIE AXIMA in the CVC sector.


To design, execute and renovate major projects, professionals within the sector must respond to various calls for tender, in the form of DQEs (priced quantity survey). Most conclude with SDPs (sub-details of pricing). Not to mention the various project revenues, with detailed reports to be reviewed by management.


The ULTIMATE version allows you to make the most of each element of your project, whether it be unique or repetitive, in order to optimise later studies. The creation of elementary works or composite work database elements, which can then be pulled up and used for different surveys, mean that you can optimise your business’ project procedures.


Easy-to-use models and templates can be adapted to your requirements, and save you precious time.


Thorough cost management, and high flexibility for sales pricing calculations, mean that customer negotiations are secure and reinforced, thanks to the cost calculation section.


This version also makes collaborative working on a quote a lot easier, thanks to features which make sharing part of the Work Breakdown Structure, with transparency options.


The environment folder – Organisation Breakdown Structure – with hourly rate tables, material types, exchange rates, factors, sales sheets, etc., can be accessed in writing, with access rights granted exclusively to platform administrators.


The planning feature – Gantt diagram – allows users to calculate the site cash flow – cash flow-


Inflation and conversion management with cost/rate/factor distribution, following a schedule, allows you to precisely manage projects across their total duration, which can in some cases extend over several years.


Finally, decision-making tools – Business Intelligence – are integrated into this version, allowing you to easily design and edit customizable impressions and Excel exports. For example, define the start date and end date to pull up a full report for the selected period.