Many estimating software programs are customised to work for large companies. QDV can be easily used by a SME as well as a large corporation. This is because it works to suit you and your business. QDV is easy to use as it was made to be compatible with Microsoft applications such as Excel and Word. QDV has a Free version and a Small Business version making it affordable for SMEs while also offering the Enterprise Edition and even Ultimate Edition, should the Free Version not meet the company’s needs.

QDV is used worldwide and comes in 8 different languages. QDV understands that businesses are different all over the world and we aim to provide a product that adjusts to the differing needs.

Looking for the best estimating software for small contractors? QDV has got you covered! It offers a top-notch estimating software that makes estimation a piece of cake. This software helps you provide accurate estimates of complex projects and avoid any type of errors. It not only enables you to make all sorts of cost estimates but also helps you during the project execution phase. This estimating software minimizes data handling that increases efficiency and reduces the number of errors.

Other key features that QDV offer include:

  • Online databases

  • Recovery of voucher tenders

  • Construction of the costs

  • Sales price calculation

  • A hierarchical data model

  • A database to supervise the estimates

  • Automated technical papers