QDV bidding software has been designed with the end user in mind. Every aspect of business development from marketing to affordability has been taken into account. QDV provides a well-organized, easy to create and maintain estimate for use across all channels.

Parameterizable by anyone

There are two types of users under QDV:

  • Administrators who have to set it all up

  • End-Users who just use it


Because we know that the most skilled people to define the behavior of an estimate are the costs accountants who quote every day, our main goal when designing QDV is to keep it accessible to them. If they are familiar with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, they should have no problems setting up the quote tool; Parameterization requires no specific knowledge in IT.

Thanks to its well-structured documentation, users who grasp the design should be able to quickly craft a template that matches their business and rules just like Excel. As opposed to Excel, QDV has all the necessary bricks already ready for an estimating application—databases or articles, configurators, spreading of selling factors, sorting according to various tree structures, and more. Depending on the complexity of your logic, setting up QDV usually only requires a few hours or a few days to deliver a tool fully in-line with your own needs. Many users even find a yet-parameterized sample template matching their needs among our numerous samples.

Of course, QDV can also be programmed. If you have skills in C# or VB .NET languages, then you can even change the behavior of native functions, create your own functions or user interfaces, create links to your Information System or even embed QDV in your own applications. QDV comes with its own code editor supporting both above languages. It also supports editing under Microsoft Visual Studio, allowing access to more languages. Whether you need a building estimating tool, and industrial estimating tool, a pricing tool or even a CPQ tool, the powerful API will let you configure QDV to match your exact needs. QDV offers advanced estimating tools and techniques.


No specific knowledge is needed for end-users, not even Microsoft Office. The end-user will be guided in the building of an estimate by the parameterization made by the administrator. Helping input tools, anomaly buster tools, multiple reports, step-by-step workflow process, and more can easily be implemented to keep your users in the “path”.

The administrator also defines which freedom level he or she wants to give to users. QDV handles an unlimited number of user profiles and each of them may have specific permissions.