The cost estimation capability and management tools of QDV are not only great for use by small businesses but also for large ones such as the Department of Defence. The Department of Defense deal with the management of fleets of cars, trucks, planes, boats, food, uniforms and people. QDV not only have the capability but they offer years of experience to assist not only the Department of Defense but the Defense contractors who will find powerful features to split their prices in accordance with complex customer requests, including a dynamic link with the TruePlanning top down tool (bottom up software top down software).

Other key features that QDV offer include

  • Recovery of voucher tenders

  • Construction of the costs

  • A task for the overhead

  • Sales price calculation

  • Comparing scenarios concerning quantities

  • Generating of all types of presentations

  • Managing progress statements and anticipate the shifts

  • Flexible rounding management

  • Bottom up tool allowing comparison with TruePlanning top down software