The automotive industry is able to reap the benefits of QDV in their businesses and easily save on time and money. QDV allows you to generate quotes and then follow up with progress statements once the work has been carried out. Thanks to ProMo+ software, QDV allows you to keep a database of not only your customers, but your suppliers and stock information. Reports can be generated for specific timeframes so that you are able to track progress faster.

With the increase of car manufacturers comes an ever increasing number of car parts. Because we all know that each car uses a specific part we can’t interchange them. QDV allows you to keep a record of the different parts for the different models and automatically select proper parts using technical configurators.

When you need to sell items with varying selling prices, QDV becomes a powerful CPQ tool.

Other key features that QDV offer include:

  • Recovery of voucher tenders

  • Construction of the costs

  • A task for the overhead

  • Sales price calculation

  • Comparing scenarios concerning quantities

  • Generating of all types of presentations

  • Managing progress statements and anticipate the shifts

  • Flexible rounding management