Embeded in single file


  • Embeds in a single file all documents used in an estimate.

Organization Of Documents

QDV embeds in a single file all documents used in an estimate whether for costing or pricing. Additionally, all documents are interactively linked.

Dynamically fills-in any type of BOQ

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) under QDV is the document your customer asks you to complete with pertinent project data. QDV imports any type of Excel Workbook, even those with protected sheets and integrates data from your estimate. This can be accomplished even if the shape of this document is fully different from your WBS. Additionally, if new BOQ is provided by the end-customer during the estimate process, you can import it and map it without losing the tasks which have already been estimated.



  • Easy parameterization and use of templates to match your specific needs.

WBS and other structures


  • Simultaneously structured according to a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) or under other guidelines.

Work Breakdown Structure with Detailed Leaves

QDV provides a well-organized estimate beginning with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) based upon a functional, geographical or business data set of your project. The WBS appears as a tree where each leaf contains a high level of detail (called a Minute). A leaf can also be fed by an embedded Excel Workbook. Columns in the WBS and columns being in the minutes (the tree leaves) are fully configurable.