Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Max. number of tasks256102432 76832 768
Free columnsxx
Columns with formulasxx
Synthetic columns from the minutesxx
Links between tasksxx
Max. number of scenario on quantities5100
Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
Max. number of sheets11256256
links allowed toWBSWBS + overhead workbookWBS + overhead workbookWBS + overhead workbook + minutes + nomenclatures
Minutes (details)
Max. number of rows10 00010 00010 00010 000
Max. number of set of fields for time1 (built-in)1 (built-in)6060
Max. number of set of fields for material1 (built-in)2 (built-in)6060
Max. number of free fields100100
Max. number of free fields returning factors100100
Storage of file of any kind at estimate levelXX
Time Frame sets of fieldsX
Overhead minuteXX
Database of the estimateXX
scenarios on quantitiesXX
Groups of articles (hidding of child rows)XXX
Primary key field6 fixed6 fixed100 (user definable)100 (user definable)
Secondary key100 (user definable)100 (user definable)
Dynamic Gantt Planner
Max. number of tasks10 00010 000
User defined resourcesX
Overhead Workbook
Max. number of free sheetsnone (built-in sheet of sale)1 (100 rows * 10 columns)256 including QDV sheets (65,536 rows * 256 columns)256 including QDV sheets (65,536 rows * 256 columns)
Evaluation mode: Overhead only (1 factor)XX
Evaluation mode: Overhead + FactorsXX
Evaluation mode: Calculated FactorsXXXX
Evaluation mode: Fixed FactorsXX
Factors above factors (factors in free columns of the detail)XX
User Definable Breakdown of sheetsbuilt-in onlyXXX
Dynamic Cash-FlowX
Time FramesX
Global VariablesXX
User definable target-valueXX
Natural language requestsXX
Macros (Visual Basic For Applications)XX
Number of items per set of fields (Time or material)510no limitationno limitation
Sharing Features (multi-user estimates)
Transparent sharingXX
Adjustable transparencyX
Merging of estimate-contents (by pasting on tree structure)X
Reporting tools
WBS with detailsXXXX
Overhead Workbook basedXX
Minutes onlyXXXX
Nomenclatures onlyXX
Free spreadsheet editionsX
Technical specifications sous WordXX
Databases of Articles
Max. number of articlesillimitedillimitedillimitedillimited
Max. number of Worforce set of fields126060
Max. number of material set of fields126060
Free columns500500
Embeded Excel Workbooks per articleX
Embeded Word Documents per articleXX
Storage of file of any kindX
Virtual DatabasesXX
Client / Server databases (SQL Server)XX
Databases of Sets
Max. number of setsillimitedillimitedillimitedillimited
Max. number of article per setillimitedillimitedillimitedillimited
Embeded Excel Workbooks (intelligent sets)yes (public only)no for user databases, yes for public databasesXX
Embeded Word Documentsyes (public only)no for user databases, yes for public databasesXX
Child Setsyes (public only)no for user databases, yes for public databasesyes, up to 9 levels in depthyes, up to 9 levels in depth
Client / Server databases (SQL Server)XX
Management Tools
Used definable Layout of columnsbuilt-in-fixedXX
Formulas allowedXX
Nomenclatures multi-estimatesXXX
User definable numbering rulesXXX
Conversion tools
Excel to article databasesXXXX
Excel to databases of setsXXX
Excel to estimatesXXXX
Excel to virtual databasesXX
Supported licensing
Hardware basedXXX
USB dongle