Key Features:


  • Easy parameterization and use of templates to match your specific needs.

WBS and other structures

  • Simultaneously structured according to a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) or under other guidelines.


  • Gantt diagram leading to dynamic cash-flow.

Business Intelligence Tools

  • Comes with a cutting-edge Business Intelligence tool which lets you build almost any sort of BI report.


  • Handling of inflation and escalation with the spreading of costs / rates / factors according to a defined timetable or schedule.

Overhead Workbook

  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with tables of workforce rates, kinds of materials, currency exchange rates, factors, sheets of sales, and more.


  • Easily share work packages, with or without transparency (inside your organization or with sub-contractors).

Costs / Selling Price

  • Accurate management of costs and amazing flexibility to compute selling prices.